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Audio Technica Bluetooth Earbuds

Audio technica bluetooth earbuds provide clear sound with tons of adjustability. 17 different colors are available, including colors that match your personal style. Made in the usa.

Audio Technica Wireless Head Phone Marvel Iron Man ATH-MVL2 Jarvis limited

Audio Technica Wireless Head Phone

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Audio Technica ATHCKS550BT Solid Bass Wireless Earbuds - (White)
Audio Technica Wireless In Ear Headphones White

Audio Technica Wireless In Ear

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Bluetooth Earbuds

The audio- technica ath-m50xgm are a high-end headphones line that are designed for use in the music industry. They are earbuds that have been designed to provide superior audio quality when listening to your favorite songs. They are a gun metal color and have a strong design that will make you feel comfortable in any situation. audio-technica's bluetooth earbuds are the perfect way to listen to your music without having to leave your living room. They come with an earplug for security and a code to reserved a specific amount of time for the earbuds. When you're done listening to your music, just plug them in and they'll turn off. The earbuds can be used for up to eight hours of listening before need to be turned off, so you can continue using them until you want to turn them back on. the audio-technica ath-cks550btbgd bluetooth solid bass wireless earbuds with mic are the perfect way to enjoy your music without having to leftists your ears. They come with a built in mic and are perfect for use with either phone or bluetooth audio. the audiotechnica earbuds are the perfect way to stay connected while out and about. Whether you're listening to your phone or playing some games, these earbuds are will keep you connected and productive.