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Solaray Bluetooth Earbuds

These solaray bluetooth wireless earbuds with usb charging cable are perfect for those who love to wear earbuds. They have a design that is popular and stylish at the same time. You can use them for hours of enjoyment without having to worry about getting out your phone to start your day.

Solaray Bluetooth Earbuds Ebay

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Best Solaray Bluetooth Earbuds

The solaray cool kustom bluetooth earbuds with microphone are the perfect way to record your experiences during the day. With these earbuds, you can easily create and share recordings with others by using the microphone to share voices, music, and other experiences. the solaray bluetooth earbuds with microphone are the perfect way to record your life with those easy listening earbuds. This is the perfect earbuds to take on the go, while your day job is still worth taking the time to listen to. the solaray bluetooth earbuds have a built in mic and are white in color. They have a small rubber form factor and are expectancy to be used with wear and comfortable ear cups. The ear cups have a tough insulation type material that helps keep the ear cups warm. The earbuds have a small mini usb recharging port on the front of the ear cups and a large sun face logo on the back. The solaray bluetooth earbuds are set up to be used with a companion phone that has a regular phone line. these solaray bluetooth earbuds with microphone are brand new and will come with a free shipping deal. They are the perfect way to record your live experiences or make personalized calls.